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Red Bells

Red Bells


 Putting up the Christmas tree is a fun and elaborate tradition for my kids. In 2016 my super excited three year old had a major melt down as soon as we started putting up the ornaments. For the longest time we could not understand the sniffle punctuated jbberish falling out of this red faced toddler. Well! according to her the tree would look pretty and proper only if we covered it with red Hibiscus (understanding her saying Hibiscus is a story for another time).


It took a lot of bribing and begging to get her to let us put ornaments. But we did spend weeks looking for the perfect Hibiscus ornament. We did finally find one, I dont know how perfect the ornament is but I do know the moment when she hangs up this ornament each year is perfect.


Size - 8.5 x 11.5 Inches

Medium  - Soft Pastels and Pastel Pencils


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