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Alchemy by Nimrat

A Little Bit Of My Story

Alchemy by Nimrat is about different forms of visual art. It is an amalgamation of colors, expressions, inspiration and creativity, which is the motivation behind Alchemy  - a chance to build a passion into a business. No matter what you’re looking for, I will always do my best to create it for you. I’d love to meet you soon and get you on your way to owning  some of my beautiful expressions of art.

I am a self taught artist and making a piece of art is a spiritual process for me. i feel as though i am just a means to express something beautiful and if through this expression i can capture a beautiful moment i have accomplished something worth working for.

My aim behind sharing my work is to be a part of your life and bring to you a moment of joy. when we pick a piece of art, it is usually because it reminds us of some special moment, inspires beauty or brings us peace and joy in some way. i would feel honored if i can evoke a moment of joy for you every time you lay eyes on my piece.....

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